Our Beer

Our beer is carefully handcrafted with a commitment to crafting small-batch European style Pilsners and Lagers that are true to traditional style while producing quality craft, ultra-premium beer with the added freshness of a local product.

Pickup No. 26 Pilsner

MALT: Pilsner, Carabohemian
HOPS: Czech Saaz
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Can (473mL) Keg (30L, 50L)

Pickup No. 26 Pilsner is a tribute to our farming heritage. In the country, the pickup has always ruled. Our Craft Cider and Brew House is located just off Highway No. 26 as you enter Thornbury Village. Enjoy the taste of our traditionally-made beers, handcrafted in no particular hurry.

An authentic Czech-style pilsner brewed with Bohemian malts, Saaz hops and genuine Czech yeast. These traditional ingredients are handcrafted by our Brewmaster in small batches creating a bright, golden-coloured, refreshing beer. Pleasing malty flavours and a soft floral and spicy hop character make this a complex and well-balanced Bohemian Pilsner.


Ladder Run Amber Lager

MALT: Vienna
HOPS: Hallertauer
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Can (473mL) Keg (30L, 50L)

Located in the heart of Thornbury Village – home of our Craft Cider and Brew House – the Beaver River is home to trout and salmon. Our Ladder Run Amber is a tribute to the fish ladder that allows fish up river to spawn. Come Fall, it’s exciting (for us) to watch the jumping Chinook Salmon migrate.

This amber-coloured Lager is crafted with Vienna malt and noble hops. It is a medium-bodied beer with smooth malt and very moderate hops notes. The malt flavour is clean, and bready, with a nice rich toasty character. The palate is smooth and creamy and finishes with an amazing toffee-malt flavour, and nice, dry crispness.


Dam Dark Lager

MALT: Munich, Vienna 
HOPS: Hallertauer
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Can (473mL) Keg (30L, 50L)

Our Dam Dark lager is a playful reference to Beaver River near our Craft Cider and Brew House in Thornbury Village. A key passage for spawning salmon and trout, beavers often “dammed” parts of the river causing much swearing from local conservationists until a bypass was built. Enjoy the taste of our traditionally-made beers, handcrafted in no particular hurry.

An authentic Munich Style Dunkel that is deep mahogany in colour, with a rich and complex taste that is still light and refreshing. Malt-forward with subtle hop flavours and hints of nuts, toast and toffee. It boasts a palate of delicate roastiness with dark-chocolate flavours, finishing dry and crisp.


Blue Mountain Light Lager

MALT: Bohemian Pilsner
HOPS: Hallertauer

The Blue Mountain Light Lager is a clean, dry and refreshing pale lager which anyone can appreciate. This beer has combined aromas of low malt and a light floral hop. It has a moderately grainy malt flavour with a well-balanced dry, crisp finish.

Available at select bars and Thornbury Cider & Brew House


Red door releases

Exclusive cider and beer releases, only available at our Cider & Brew House!


Black Mountain Side Baltic Lager

This robust porter is dark in colour with a hint of deep red. The complex malt aroma and flavour features notes of coffee, dark chocolate, toffee, roasted malt, jammy plum, and toasted pumpernickel. A fullbodied beer with a pleasant alcohol warmth. The Black Mountain Side finishes dry with a nice roasted malt bitterness.


Ashanti Espresso Dark Lager

Welcome to Après Ski heaven! We’ve infused our popular Dam Dark Lager with Ashanti Espresso coffee. The result is a perfect winter treat. This Ashanti Espresso is cold brewed. It’s infused with nitrogen and then steeped overnight in our Dam Dark Lager. The result invites aromas of warm coffee with flavourful notes of espresso and dark chocolate. The coffee pleasantly lingers on the palate long after the last sip is gone. Enjoy after a hard day of winter play, or by a warm fire.

Bomb Shelter IPL

This amber-gold coloured beer is both floral and fruity on the nose with slight notes of citrus hops. The flavour is tropical with juicy hop characteristics.

About the Brew Master - James Wilson


Thornbury’s brewmaster, James Wilson, thrives on creating craft beers that make you stop and admire them – and if you ask us, he does just that.

James discovered his passion for beer after travelling to Poland and learning that not all beer comes in the form of a fizzy yellow pint. After returning home, James made a point to try anything new he could get his hands on, and went on to obtain his Brewing Certificate.

What’s on his brewing bucket list? James would love to create Thornbury’s first black IPA. In fact, the fantastic aroma that comes with brewing Thornbury’s Dam Dark Lager is his personal favourite.

When James isn’t brewing a delicious Thornbury Craft Beer, he’s probably playing a variety of sports, watching hockey or on a hike with his four-legged friend, Riker.

Thornbury Craft Beer FAQ

The shelf life for craft beer is maximum six months to maintain the best flavour.

There are approximately 199 calories per 473mL can of beer.

Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast and Water, (4.8% alc./vol.).

Yes – it is nut-free.

There are no animal products or animal based products used in the production of our beer.

The first 4 digits tell you the year and day that can was produced. For example, 7131 is 2017 (represented by the “7”) and May 11th (represented by the “131” in the Julian Day Calendar.) More information about the Julian Day Calendar here.


Thank you to all our customers, friends and colleagues who continue to help us exceed expectations