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haze for dayz ipa

Available at select LCBO

Clark is in session -
Session IPA

Available at select bars and Thornbury Cider & Brew House

rad pale ale

Available at select LCBO

Dam Dark Lager

Available at select LCBO

Blue Mountain Light Lager

Pickup No. 26 Pilsner

Ladder Run Amber Lager


About the Brew Master - James Wilson


Thornbury’s Brewmaster James Wilson, thrives on creating well-made craft beers which are balanced and true to style – and if you ask us he does just that.

James discovered his passion for beer after travelling to Europe and learning about the vast array of styles that exist outside of the North American style of light tasting yellow lagers. After returning home, James began home brewing with a friend and later went on to obtain an IBD Brewing Certificate.

Currently, James and his team are working on expanding the great portfolio of Thornbury beers. After brewing a great Doppelbock and Baltic Porter, which recently won a Silver medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards, he has set his sights on developing a new IPA and Saison for release in the near future.

When James isn’t brewing a delicious Thornbury Craft Beer you can find him playing hockey, golf, or more often than not hiking somewhere with his dog Riker.

Thornbury Craft Beer FAQ

The shelf life for craft beer is maximum six months to maintain the best flavour.

There are approximately 199 calories per 473mL can of beer.

Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast and Water, (4.8% alc./vol.).

Yes – it is nut-free.

There are no animal products or animal based products used in the production of our beer.

The first 4 digits tell you the year and day that can was produced. For example, 7131 is 2017 (represented by the “7”) and May 11th (represented by the “131” in the Julian Day Calendar.) More information about the Julian Day Calendar here.


Thank you to all our customers, friends and colleagues who continue to help us exceed expectations