Our Cider

We proudly craft our cider in our state-of-the-art cider production facility amidst 7,500 acres of apple orchards, in the heart of apple country. Using only the finest apples these orchards have to offer, we have created premium, easy drinking, crisp, and refreshing ciders that tantalize the palette.


Thornbury Premium Apple Cider

Thornbury Premium Cider is a truly original Canadian cider that tastes like a traditional English cider: dry, crisp and premium. It’s made with 100% fresh-pressed local apples (not from concentrate) and is cold filtered to maintain maximum flavour and aroma. Great news for those with gluten sensitivity, Thornbury Premium Apple Cider is 100% gluten free. This cider is best served chilled, with or without ice.

ABV: 5.3% – 473 ml


Cranberry Apple Cider

Relish in the all-natural bright red colour of our Thornbury Premium Cranberry Apple Cider! Exceptionally balanced with natural sweetness and tartness, enjoy this unique specialty cider over ice.

Made using 100% Canadian Apples and Cranberries.

ABV: 5.3% – 473 ml


Wild Blueberry Elderflower Apple Cider

This refreshing cider has aromas of elderflower, passionfruit and blueberry notes. Blueberry flavour comes from wild Nova Scotian blueberries creating a cider that is both delicate and flavoursome with a lingering blueberry finish.

ABV: 5.1% – 473 ml

Thornbury Craft x The Tragically Hip Road Apples Cider

In 1991, Canadian Rock icons The Tragically Hip released their second studio album: Road Apples. To commemorate the album’s 30th anniversary, band members collaborated with Thornbury Craft in creating a dry, Canadian cider.

ABV: 5.1% – 473 ML

Thornbury Blood Orange Apple Cider

Blood Orange Apple Cider

Blood Orange Apple Cider is full bodied with blood orange and tropical juice notes followed by a smooth zesty orange finish. The nose is sweet with zesty orange, tropical and citrus aromas.

Available at the Thornbury Cider & Brew House

Rose Apple Cider

RosÉ Apple Cider

A winning blend of our Premium Craft Cider and Canadian red wine, our Rosé Cider is soft coral pink in colour. Welcoming notes of fresh raspberry on the nose are followed by flavours of red berry and apple. Silky smooth, it finishes with just a hint of crispness. This fantastic cider is versatile in all its deliciousness – a great fit for aprés ski or relaxing on the patio.

Available at the Thornbury Cider & Brew House

Thornbury Honeycrisp Apple cider

Honey Crisp Apple Cider

Full-bodied, yet delicate and very smooth, our Honeycrisp cider is the Holy Grail of cider-making. Our Cider Master has created this cider with minimal carbonation to allow the subtle flavours of the Honeycrisp apple to take centre-stage. An initial impression of honey is followed by a smooth but lightly crisp and dry finish.

ABV: 5.6% – 473 ml

Available at the Thornbury Cider & Brew House

Thornbury Raspberry Apple Cider

Raspberry Apple Cider

A vibrant bright red in colour, our Raspberry Apple Cider features inviting aromas of fresh-picked raspberries. It’s juicy berry-bomb balances nicely with a delightful tartness leaving a pleasant tingle on the finish. It’s a perfect combination with warm Spring weather and fresh growing flowers.

ABV: 5.3% – 473 ml

Available at the Thornbury Cider & Brew House


Spiced Apple Cider

Our limited edition Thornbury Spiced Apple Cider is created with a unique blend of 100% fresh-pressed Ontario apples, delicately balanced with soft cinnamon and a hint of caramel that is sure to remind you of apple pie.

ABV: 5.3% – 473 ml


Made from the juice of 100% fresh-pressed Ontario apples, this tasty, extra-dry cider contains no sugar. Light in body with fresh apple on the nose and a dry, crisp, refreshing taste. 0 grams of sugar, 110 calories.

ABV: 4% – 473 ml


Ring the alarm, Thornbury Peach Cider is here! Made from 100% fresh press Ontario apple juice and Ontario organic peach juice, this dry peach cider is what we have been waiting for. Expect aromas of crisp apple and fresh peach. That’s just peachy!

ABV: 5.1% – 500 ml


Crisp and clean, our Dry Hopped Cranberry Apple Cider is pleasantly carbonated and refreshingly tart. A beautiful rose in colour, it features enticing aromas of tangerine and cranberry. Notes of both tropical and spicy citrus tease the palate before making way for a dry cranberry-apple finish.

ABV: 5.3% – 500 ml


Made in small batches, our tart Red Montmorency Cherry Cider is a perfect blend of craft cider made of 100% fresh pressed local apples and Ontario Montmorency cherry juice. It delivers fresh apple flavour first followed by rich, tart cherry aroma. Our Cider Master’s latest creation is flavourful with good body and a lingering cherry tart finish. 

ABV: 4.5% – 500 ml


2020 was a hard year, but there’s a silver lining to everything. A brighter side was the great apple harvest on the southern-most part of the golden shores of Georgian Bay, which resulted in a very small batch of extremely high-quality apple juice- probably the best we’ve ever got our hands on.

That inspired us to blend the juices, which come from five different apple varietals, to create a fine and rare cider. 

ABV: 5.4% – 750 mL


Celebrate your own special moments with our unique Craft Sparkling Cider. Made in small batches from 100% local Ontario-grown, fresh apples and champagne style yeast. The effervescence of this cider creates complex, sustained, durable yet delicate bubbles that result in a real sparkling mouthfeel and exuberant fresh apple Aroma.

ABV: 6.5% – 750 ml


Red door releases

The Exclusive cider and beer releases, only available at our Cider & Brew House! 

The Red Door Release fridge gets its name from the original apple storage door, that still exists in the tasting bar today. The door is original to the building and today it leads you into the experience room which archives the history of the Thornbury Village Cider and Brew House. 

Available for a limited time, while supplies last!


A sip down memory lane

* These are past ciders that are no longer on tap

Dry Hopped Cranberry • Let’s get tropical • Cranberry Cocoa Hazelnut • Honey • Elderflower •
Blood Orange Pomegranate • Red Prince • Raspberry Chocolate • Peach • Orange Chocolate Cranberry

• Orange Chocolate Cranberry
• Blood Orange Pomegranate
• Cranberry Cocoa Hazelnut
• Dry Hopped Cranberry
• Raspberry Chocolate
• Let’s get tropical
• Elderflower
• Red Prince
• Honey
• Peach

Meet the Cider Master - Doug Johnson

Nothing pleases Doug Johnson more than positive response to Thornbury Premium Cider. And why wouldn’t it? He’s the Head Cider Master at Thornbury Village Cider House & Brewery. He set out to craft a light, easy to drink, champagne style cider with just a very slight hint of apple. And he’s succeeded. From first time cider drinkers to cider aficionados, Thornbury Cider is being enjoyed by all types of people and a wide-range of taste buds. It’s universal appeal projects into a very bright future.


With a background in biochemistry and over 30 years of experience in various types of fermentation and apple processing, Doug Johnson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Thornbury Village Cider House & Brewery.

He’s also proud of the fact that Thornbury Cider is produced in Thornbury, Ontario. Thornbury Village is in the heart of Ontario Apple country with a base of knowledgeable, experienced apple growers. The cider house couldn’t be in a better place.

And for the record, Doug prefers his Thornbury Premium Cider over a mound of ice.

Our Cider Making Process

Thornbury Cider FAQ

Yes, Thornbury Premium Craft Cider is naturally gluten-free. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

Thornbury Premium Cider is a truly original Canadian cider that tastes like a traditional English cider: dry, crisp and premium. It’s made with 100% fresh-pressed local apples (not from concentrate), and crafted in the 100 year old Thornbury Village Cider House in Georgian Bay, giving this cider it’s unique character.

We deliver our award winning craft cider right across Ontario. Contact our experienced Customer Service and Sales Team today to set up deliveries direct to your establishment!

We can offer tours while our canning line is not in production. Ask your server when you visit the Cider House! The cider house in Thornbury has a tasting room and retail store open to the public.


Thank you to all our customers, friends and colleagues who continue to help us exceed expectations