Our Story

Our Apple-Growing Heritage

Thornbury - Ontario's Apple-Growing Heritage

The apple packing industry took root in Thornbury in the 1880s when immigrants discovered that the mineral-rich Niagara escarpment soil and the moderating effect of Nottawasaga Bay made for an excellent location for growing apples. Today, nestled in the famous Blue Mountains, you will find 7,500 acres of apple orchards running along the southern-most part of the golden shores of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay.

The Tale of the Cider House Building

The Thornbury Village Cider and Brew House was originally a wooden apple storage building. Steam trains would arrive from the Harbour in Toronto and return loaded with crates of apples. In the 1920s, it completely burned down and was rebuilt with fire-proof concrete. It was home to many, including a flea market, an ammunition storage facility, and even a nuclear fallout shelter during the cold war.

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Late 1800's
Original Thornbury building is built of wood by George Mitchell for the Georgian Bay Fruits Growers.
Township of Thornbury was incorporated on April 2, 1833.
Cider building destroyed by fire.
Building is rebuilt of concrete with 4" natural cork insulated walls.
Cider building is used as air raid shelter during WW2.
Cidery building is closed in the late 1950's
Thornbury Village Cidery Inc. founded in the authentic Georgian Bay Fruit Growers apple storage facility in Thornbury, Ontario.
First commercial production run of "Peeler Cider".
Thornbury teams up with Beer Barons Inc.
Rebranded Thornbury Premium Apple Cider bottle launches.
Thornbury joins Provincial Beverages of Canada Inc.
Thornbury Village becomes part of the Colio Winery Family.
Thornbury Village Cider & Brew House officially opens its doors.

Thornbury Village Cidery
A Traditional Cider

Using traditional Old-World techniques, we at Thornbury Village Cider are committed to producing premium quality apple cider. We craft our ciders in small batches, from locally sourced, fresh pressed apples, taking our time to do it right, to produce a truly Canadian taste, with the dry, crispness of a traditional English cider.

The Next Chapter...
Thornbury Village Brewery

In 2015, Thornbury Village Cidery gained 15 years of brewing heritage by acquiring King Brewery. King Brewery came with a long history of producing premium lagers and all products were rebranded under Thornbury Village Brewery. Today, we are one of the only decoction method brew houses in Canada. Our beer is carefully handcrafted, and we are committed to crafting small-batch European style Pilsners and Lagers that are true to traditional style, with the added freshness of a local product. The commitment to quality has proudly placed Thornbury Village Craft Beer on the award-winning map.

We are excited to announce the addition of our new Full-Sized Brewery in Thornbury! Since the first day that we got involved with this great company, we have had a vision to make this Canada’s leading Cidery and Brewery Experience.

The Story
of Clark The Pig

While learning more about our century old, historic building and the history in our area, we came to discover that Thornbury and Clarksburg, had a long-standing relationship. But the most interesting bit of information was what we discovered in a book of local history. There it was, a picture of an old poster advertising the 1912 Clarksburg Fair – a poster featuring a dapper gentleman riding a very large pig. That was the day that Clark the Pig was born.

Clark the Pig is a significant part of the Thornbury Cider Experience. If you look around, you will find that he is featured all over the Cider House. He is always driving some sort of conveyance, but what he drives tends to change depending on which style of cider you’re holding. It’s our way to ensure that there is a little Clarksburg in every can of Thornbury Cider.

Clark the Pig