Blue Mountain Light Lager NOW Available at The Beer Store!

Our brewing motto is simple: we take our time to do it right using traditional brewing methods. We brew using the decoction method (slow and steady), which has become essential to our process in crafting award-winning beers. We are dedicated to crafting small-batch European style Pilsners and Lagers that are true to traditional style while producing quality craft, premium beer with the added freshness of a local product. 

Our Brewmaster, James Wilson, is always experimenting with new brews! With our Brew House expansion underway, this will only continue. In 2019 our challenge was to take our brewing method and ingredients, and craft a delicious Light Lager. Our Blue Mountain Light Lager was first bottled last year, and has quickly become one of our most sought after craft beers!

This summer our team knew it was time to make the move to The Beer Store so Blue Mountain Light Lager was more accessible to Ontarians. We are so excited to announce that BMLL 6 packs are NOW available in over 100 Beer Store locations across the province! We think of BMLL as a premium, light, summer beer of your dreams. Read on to learn more about BMLL and why you should crack one open at beer o’clock! 

Blue Mountain Light Lager is crisp, refreshing and palate pleasing. Our Brewmaster created a low malt aroma and light floral hop aroma. In each sip you will notice the moderate grainy-malt flavour with a well-balanced dry, crisp finish. BMLL gives you premium, quality taste with an alcohol percentage of 4%. Toast with a light lager and feel good about what you’re drinking. We are proud to have crafted a light, premium beer with the added touch of local small town charm in every bottle.

At Thornbury, we name our beers after symbolic areas surrounding our home! The Blue Mountains are not only a special place to us, but to many other Ontarians. We named our Light Lager after the beautiful Blue Mountains to pay a tribute to one of Ontario’s most iconic locations and where we are lucky enough to brew. Our hope is that you, your friends and family will crack open a BMLL and relish in your Blue Mountain experiences! BMLL fits hand in hand with summer, and is best enjoyed with great company in the outdoors. Head to your local Beer Store to bring your Blue Mountain memories home with you!

Interested in picking up a 6 pack of BMLL? Click here to visit our official Beer Store page and find a location closest to you!

Stay tuned! This upcoming month we will be announcing an awesome BMLL giveaway that you’re going to want to enter in! We will also be posting an update on our Brew House expansion! Get excited folks, you will soon be able to enjoy a BMLL, in the heart of the Blue Mountains, in our newly renovated Brew House.


Thornbury Cider & Brew House 

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