Q & A with our Retail Assistant Manager, Jaime Sirna!

Thornbury Village is a bustling place. From our production area, to our retail / tap room, events space and patio, it’s rare to find a dull moment! Thanks to our amazing staff, our Village runs smoothly each and every day. This month, we had the pleasure of chatting with Jaime Sirna, Assistant Manager of the taproom and retail store.

If you’ve visited us for a tasting, or to pick up your favourite Thornbury bevy’s, you’ve likely had the chance to meet Jaime. Jaime is known to always greet customers with a warm welcome, while giving an authentic and memorable Thornbury experience. Jaime is passionate about Thornbury Village, the Thornbury Craft brand itself, and the town of Thornbury. Being a local, she knows the best spots around Thornbury for you to really soak in your visit!

Read on to learn more about Jaime, and next time you’re visiting us be sure to say hi!

Q & A with Jaime:

When did you first start working at Thornbury Village? What enticed you about working in the Ontario Craft Cider and Beer Industry?
Jaime: I began working at Thornbury Craft in September of 2018 as a taproom associate! I was drawn to the job because of the fast paced fun atmosphere I experienced every time I came into the cidery for a drink, and I really liked all the products!

As Assistant Manager, you are one busy gal! What is your favourite part about running the tasting room and retail space?
Jaime: I was drawn to the management role because I enjoy taking care of multiple facets of running a business. My favourite part is probably booking guests’ private events. I enjoy helping them design their event by advising caterers, drawing room layouts and making their ideas come to life!

What is the most unique thing you’ve learned about Thornbury Craft since becoming an employee in 2018?
Jaime: I love history, and often run facility tours which include a summary of the town and building heritage. The building the Cidery occupies was built in the 1930’s and originally housed all of the local apples before sending them off to grocers! They installed a pipe system on each floor of the building and ran cold water through them constantly to keep the building essentially as a gigantic refrigerator to increase the shelf life of the apples!

Cider or beer, if you had to choose? And tell us your favourite (if you have one)!
Jaime: It would be so hard to choose as I enjoy both, but cider is so versatile! I often mix “wellness” cocktails at home using our local elixir company, Root to Fruit. For example their Elderberry elixir tastes amazing in our Honeycrisp cider, and their Ginger Lime elixir is so refreshing in the premium cider!

Over the years, Thornbury has experimented with a variety of speciality ciders. In your opinion, what has been the most loved by customers visiting the taproom?
Jaime: The most requested cider is always the (Winter seasonal) Spiced Apple Cider – we get SO many calls and emails in the fall from dedicated fans! The most requested summer cider was definitely my favourite too – Let’s Get Tropical was a blend of mango and grapefruit juices.

Being a Thornbury local, you must know all the best spots in the area! Can you list a few of your favourite local spots?
Jaime: The Pom Pom Treat Hut carries amazing plant based ice cream, and the Bruce Wine Bar is our favourite place to have dinner. The Georgian Artisan Shop has beautiful handmade finds and of course the iconic Thornbury Bakery for your coffee and treat needs!

Word on the street, you are one talented vegan chef! What’s your speciality these days? And what Thornbury bevy would you pair your meal with?
Jaime: Yes, my college training is in Culinary and Hotel Management, and I had many years of experience before this job in kitchen roles. I have recently discovered a beautiful wild mushroom farmstand on 7th line in Meaford that grows rare mushrooms with health benefits! So my husband (also a chef!) and I have recently been making risottos, mushroom bruschettas, burgers and a vegan form of “pulled pork” using their oyster mushrooms. Usually pairing these days with the Blueberry Elderflower cider, or the new Clark is in Session IPA!

There are lots of exciting things “brewing” at Thornbury Village. What are you most excited for in the year ahead?
Jaime: I see what you did there! We were expecting to have the Brewery addition built and operating by now. Building has been delayed by a bit, but only makes us more excited to welcome our staff at the Nobleton location here in Thornbury, and to expand our beer line! We also have always dreamed of turning the second floor of the building into an event space – it’s a few years down the road, but I am very much looking forward to growing with the company as we expand!

When you’re not making the day run smoothly at Thornbury, where can we find you?
Jaime: Most days after I leave work, I head to my animal rescue! Love of Brian Farm Sanctuary was founded by myself and two other women in 2018 – and named after the first steer I brought home, Brian! We provide a forever home to neglected or abandoned farm animals, and offer educational farm visits as our schedules allow.

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