Happy New Decade from Thornbury Village Cider & Brew House! 

A new year brings on new initiatives! We are so pleased to start the new decade with green initiatives at our forefront. 

Single use plastic has been proven to have increasingly harmful effects on our environment & eco systems. The studies are shocking and the need for change is now. At Thornbury Village Cider & Brew House we are working towards swapping out plastic for environmentally conscious alternatives. We thought a key area to focus on would be our packaging, specifically our six pack holders. 

Introducing our newest addition… 

The E6PR (Eco Six Pack Ring) – COMPOSTABLE + REUSABLE! 

The E6PR is the first eco-friendly six pack ring made from by-product waste and other compostable materials. The E6PR uses wheat and barley waste from breweries as some of the compostable materials used for production of the 6 pack rings. When thrown away properly, the E6PR finds its way to a compostable facility where it will degrade in a few days. If it’s left out in open land or a water system it will degrade in a matter of weeks. Another amazing fact is that it’s made from 100% compostable organic materials that do not cause harm to wildlife if ingested.

The E6PR Compostable 6 Pack holder is an innovative alternative to commonly used plastic rings, that are used by most beer retailers in the market. It has been proven that plastic packaging is one of the leading causes of the plastic waste generated around the globe. Most plastics are not biodegradable resulting in microplastic fragment accumulation, which is a growing problem affecting marine wildlife and ocean pollution. Thornbury Village Cider & Brew House is striving to do our part in contributing to minimize the plastic waste in the beverage industry. 

Not only has the Eco Six Pack Ring inspired Thornbury Village Cider & Brew House to be more environmentally friendly, but it has already inspired our customers as well! The E6PR gives customers a unique opportunity to make their own contribution to a greener world. 

Please visit our retail store to pick up your favourite Thornbury ciders & beers in our compostable 6 pack holders. 

If you have already, we thank you very much for your contribution to a greener village and a greener YOU! 


Thornbury Village Cider & Brew House

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