Enjoy Patio Season Year Round!


Canadians love patio season. Each year we count down the days until summer returns so we can soak in the sun with a beverage in hand! Patio season invokes sunshine, good times shared and toasting with friends and family. Our patio has become a hot spot for locals, as well as new comers visiting Grey County. We have visitors from all around the world and we pride ourselves on our welcoming and unique patio space conveniently located right off Highway 26.  

We are excited to share with you the newest addition at the Thornbury Village Cider and Brewhouse, the Patio Igloos! 

Instead of waiting a long 8 months each year for patio season, these patio igloos are the perfect way to extend patio season all year long, by shielding customers from all sorts of undesirable weather conditions. The transparent, cold-resistant cover will help keep the cold air out and the warmth in and allows for our customers to enjoy their flights and pints on the patio in a true Canadian style! Cheers to that.

Not only are these patio igloos new and exciting for us at Thornbury Village, but they are the very first patio igloos, for winter seating, in all of the Blue Mountains and Surrounding areas. Perhaps we’ve started a new trend, where patio season lasts year round! 

Are they warm? 

YES they are! Our igloos are similar to greenhouses. Once your group is inside they will stay extra cozy!

Did we mention the igloos are decorated with lights so you can enjoy them well into the evening? Check out this group last Saturday evening!

We hope to see you on our patio this winter! When visiting, tag us on on social media @thornburycraft to be featured on our feed. 


Thornbury Village Craft Cider & Brew House

Apples For All 2019

Feed Ontario unites food banks, industry partners, and local communities in their work to end hunger and poverty. Sadly, the need for food banks in Ontario continues. Thornbury Village took part in Feed Ontario’s Hunger Action Month for the second year in a row. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s initiative. With your help, we successfully reached our goal of donating $10,000 in our “Apples For All” campaign, which helped provide 30,000 meals to Ontarians in need. 

How did we raise funds for Apples For All? 

With every Premium Apple Cider can sold in September, $0.10 went to Feed Ontario. Being the #1 selling cider in Ontario, it was a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for an extremely worthy cause. 

Thornbury Village loves giving back to the community and we are proud to help out.  

To those who took part in this year’s “Apples For All” campaign, whether it was 1 can or 10 cans purchased, you had a significant role in helping us reach our goal in collaboration with Feed Ontario. Cheers to you! 

When Our Village Makes The Big Leagues… | August 27, 2019

Thornbury Village wins the World Beer Awards!

Each year The World Beer Awards takes place in Norfolk, United Kingdom with over 1,000 entries from around the globe. The Awards carefully select the very best internationally recognized beer styles. The final was held in London, where 50 international brewers, industry experts, and journalists tasted and voted on the World’s Best in each of the nine categories. Thornbury Village took home four awards!

We are thrilled to announce Thornbury Village Craft won 3 BEST IN CANADA awards (highest honour possible), and 1 GOLD award!

Award winners include: 

  • Pickup No.26 Pilsner: Best of Country ‘Czech style Pale’ 
  • Doppelbock: Best of Country ‘Strong Beer’ 
  • Black Mountain Side Baltic Porter: ‘Best of Country ‘Strong Porter’ 
  • Dam Dark Lager: Canada GOLD ‘Dark Beer’ 

Our Brewmaster James Wilson creates well-made craft beers which are balanced and true to style – and if you ask us (and The World Beer Awards) he does just that! “I take great satisfaction in producing great beer for family, friends, and our customers to enjoy.”  said Thornbury Village’s Brew Master, James Wilson. “Being named the top Pilsner in Canada is a huge honour,  but to also be Best of Country Strong Beer & Strong Porter as well as win Gold for our Dam Dark Lager is beyond incredible. Receiving this recognition from the World Beer Awards is amazing and a testament to all the hard-work and dedication put forward by the entire brewing team.”

Have you tried our award winning beers? Learn more about each one below: 

Pickup No.26 Pilsner (BEST OF COUNTRY): An authentic Czech-style pilsner brewed with Bohemian malts, Saaz hops and genuine Czech yeast. Pleasing malty flavours & a soft floral and spicy hop character make this a complex and well-balanced Bohemian Pilsner.  

Doppelback (BEST OF COUNTRY: “STRONG BEER”): Strong maltiness with a presence of smooth alcohol warmth. Aroma is slightly nutty, with notes of coffee, molasses, and dried fruits. Roasty, full-bodied, slightly sweet yet quaffable. 

Black Mountain Side Baltic Porter (BEST OF COUNTRY: “STRONG PORTER”): This robust porter is dark in colour with a hint of deep red. The complex malt aroma and flavour features notes of coffee, dark chocolate, toffee, roasted malt, jammy plum, and toasted pumpernickel. A fullbodied beer with a pleasant alcohol warmth. The Black Mountain Side finishes dry with a nice roasted malt bitterness.

Dam Dark Lager (CANADA GOLD: “DARK BEER”): An authentic Munich Style Dunkel that is deep mahogany in colour and refreshing. Malt-forward with subtle hop flavours & hints of nuts, toast and toffee. It boasts a palate of delicate roastiness with dark-chocolate flavours, finishing dry and crisp. 

Thornbury Village Craft Beer -Pickup Truck Pilsner and Dam Dark Lager- are available at select LCBO, The Beer Store, grocery store and licensee locations in Ontario. 

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Hops & Apples Club | Saison Beer | July 30, 2019

The summer has kicked off in full gear at Thornbury Village! With our busy patio, events onsite and offsite, as well as new beer & cider releases, it’s never a dull moment!

To stay in touch with the current events at Thornbury Village, we have created a beer and cider club nicknamed “Thornbury Village Hops & Apple Club”! The Hops and Apple Club is an exclusive membership club for lovers of craft beer & cider. Fan of Thornbury Craft? You’re going to want to join this club! Details below…

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